SoTRMSim: Sociopsychological Trust and Reputation Models Simulator for Wireless Sensor Networks

SoTRMSim is a MATLAB based simulator for simulating Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) utilised in computing sociopsychological trust and reputation models. You can also use it to build randomised network deployments for other WSN related research work. This is ideal for new researchers who want existing code to build on in order to develop their bespoke simulations for their research activities. To run the simulator simply run the command “pstrm_gui” in your MATLAB Console.

To edit the GUI use the command “guide“, select the “existing project” Tab and navigate to the extracted downloaded folder and select the file “pstrm_gui.m“.

Anytime you use this simulator or any part of the SoTRMSim code for your research or other activities, remember to cite our paper on the SoTRMSim. More details and tutorials on how to use the simulator for your research will be uploaded soon. Leave us any comments that can help improve the simulator; new collaborators on the SoTRMSim project are also welcome.


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