Paper Publication [SoTRMSim: Sociopsychological Trust and Reputation Models Simulator for Wireless Sensor Networks]

The use of trust and reputation models (TRMs) are on the rise due
to the increasing complexities of cryptography. The use of cryp-
tography though potent on traditional networks, cannot be sup-
ported by the resource constraint wireless sensor network (WSN).
Trust evaluations have made use of a number of approaches, such
as analytical, bio- and socio-inspired methods, in the design of
TRMs. The use of socio-inspired methods for TRM design is given
less attention though its a simple and effective method. The pa-
per proposes the first sociopsychological TRM simulator (SoTRM-
Sim). The models implemented in SoTRMSim are the consensus-
aware and privacy-aware sociopsychological TRMs by Rathore
and Nunoo-Mensah respectively. The proposed simulator provides
an objective way of simultaneously evaluating sociopsychological
The paper can be retrieved from here.

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